Saturday, March 10, 2012

So Wrong...

....and happy to be.

The morning (almost) all girls class was great and will be challenging in just the right way, I think. And the afternoon class was even better. There are four of us taking both classes and I have thematic overlap in my project with a couple of them and stuff to learn from the others.

Something that took me by surprise was how excited I got listening to what everyone else is working on this year. Totally thrilling! Everyone really wants to be there (this isn't really a year you sign up for unless you want to be doing this, at least on some level) and that shows in the class participation. I am guessing it will show in the quality of the various presentations that take place throughout first semester.

But lots of work! I was right about that. Some pretty scary deadlines looming ahead and the main challenge for now is to pick the right thing to write about for the big research papers due at the end of June. 

I'm ready for this though. This is why I used my summer effectively and why I did so much preparatory reading. I'm ready.

It also helped that the mentor loves what I have so far. My Honours excitement level is through the roof.

First day = major win. 


  1. Hoorah!!! So glad to read this. *tap dance*

  2. Guess what? YOU'RE DOING HONOURS!!!! :)

  3. I'm so happy! Brilliant to be stimulated and excited.


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