Sunday, February 12, 2017

Things I Don't Understand

.....about academic conferences.

1) Why certain people, who are almost always senior academics, feel that it's ok not to stick to the time limit. Twenty minutes to speak, ten minutes for questions. It's really not that complicated. Failing to stick to your time limit is rude to the other speakers on your panel and rude to the audience.

2) Why some chairs of panels feel the need to make everyone speak first and then have collective question time. It never works well and is messy.

3) Why some presenters feel it's fine to rock up to speak looking like they've just popped down to the shops for a bottle of milk. I'm not saying women have to wear makeup or men don a tie, but a little effort is appreciated. I'm a total scruff in real life, but anything less than smart casual as a presenter is unacceptable.