Monday, January 9, 2012

Stuff Like That There

After my last blog post, it’s time to take a breath. I’ve been talking about some difficult stuff and this seems like a good time to talk about things not quite on the same level.

Firstly, I want to say thank you, to those of you reading and especially to those of you who have commented or emailed. It’s comforting to know I’m not completely out on my own and that I’m writing about things that are at least vaguely interesting. I was especially touched by people’s responses to my last post about my illness. Your kindness has not gone unnoticed.

It’s also interesting to see how many people got excited about my mix CDs. A few copies of the 2011 effort are at this very moment winging their way to some of you on the other side of the world. I’ll probably write a post sometime soon that includes the track listings for the CDs made thus far, so you can see what you missed out on!

I’m not much of a materialist but I am in the process of doing a deep clean and purging of stuff so I’m thinking about ‘things’ a lot. I thought I’d talk about some stuff that is keeping me sane and together at the moment, especially as I don’t have a blog roll where I can say what I am listening to and reading. So here goes:

Emma Donoghue – Room

OoooH THIS IS THE GOOD SHIT! I am loving this. Creepy, moving and just plain beautiful. Yes, I know I am a little late to the party on this one, it’s been out for a while. Oh well. I refuse to become one of those thesis students who stops reading fiction, I am hoping I hang onto this stubborn cause.

Black Swan Low Fat Yoghurt

Mmmmm yummy. No flavouring or fruit even required. Perfect for the lazy arse that I am, especially in the heat.

Snowgum BPA free IL bottle

I already had one of these but my middle brother replaced it for me for Christmas. Totally necessary in a Sydney summer.

Hey Rosetta! – Seeds

One of my best friends and I decided about a year ago to swap new releases (and even old ones) to try and save some money. This was one of most recent CDs I gained and I’ve had it on repeat for a little while now. I’m a sucker for a male front man with a yearning voice and Tim Baker qualifies nicely.

Washington – ‘Insomnia’ ticket for the Sydney Festival

Megan Washington has been part of the Australian music scene for some years now, incredible given she is so young. ‘Insomnia’ was her Australian only release that came out last November and she will be playing the album in full only 4 times around the world, one of which will be at the Sydney Festival in late January. At the Opera House, no less! The friend mentioned immediately above is coming too, as is his girlfriend, and my sister, the same grouping of us who saw Elbow together late last July. The ticket to this was my sister’s Christmas present and a pretty good one, I think. Megan has said openly that she doesn’t want to play most of the songs on this album live ever again after this very brief tour of only four concerts, so we know we’re going to something special. I've seen her live twice in the last 18 months and her voice is incredible. I recommend you buy 'I Believe You, Liar' when you are able, it's great stuff.

I think that’s enough for now, as you probably don't want to hear about the stupid zit that just won't go away. What things are helping you get through Monday, wherever you are? 


  1. Keep reading the fiction, Moz! The guilt of reading something not related to my PhD lead me to all but stop reading fiction. Trying to get back into it now.

  2. Oh, forgot to add... what got me through Monday - discovering that season six of Inspector Rex is being repeated on SBS on Monday afternoons :)


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